Selecting the right Nursing Center
Trying to place a loved one in the proper residence may be daunting. The process can be simplified by these recommended tips.
  • Determine the finances and assets/resources of the individual. Can the assets be liquidated quickly? Figure out if Medicare or Medicaid is an option.

  • Is the location convenient to family members who will visit often?

  • Talk with the individual’s doctor to determine the type of medical care that should be received at the nursing home.

  • Ask for references from friends and neighbors. Do they know of a well respected nursing home?

  • Call prospective facilities for tours and to speak with staff.

  • If possible, start search before need becomes too great for proper research.

  • If possible, involve the individual who will ultimately end up at the nursing home in the search process.

  • Visit numerous nursing homes. Visit at different times of the day. Do the homes look clean? Is the noise level overbearing? Is it too silent? Are social/recreational activities offered?