Needs Assessment for Nursing Centers
Relocation to a nursing home depends on what level of nursing care the individual requires. People living in nursing homes require constant care from medical staff. They are usually unable to perform basic activities of daily living on their own. These specific activities are done frequently and on a daily basis. If you are looking to relocate a loved one, you can start the process by asking yourself a few questions

Does your loved one:
  • dress, bathe, eat, and toilet independently
  • safely and independently move about to accomplish these activities of daily living
  • manage own medication administration
  • shop for groceries
  • socialize adequately
  • manage housework properly / live in a clean, safe environment
  • show signs of dementia
  • understand how to call for help and appropriately follow directions if help is called

If they cannot do these simple yet necessary tasks without depending on someone for assistance, a nursing home may be the best and safest option.