Evaluation Checklist for a Nursing Center
Once a prospective nursing home is tentatively decided upon, there may be further in depth research needed to define if this is the proper facility. A quick checklist can be helpful.

  • How many registered nurses and certified nursing assistant work in the home?
  • What is the ratio of staff to resident?
  • How does staff treat the residents?
  • Is the staff knowledgeable, caring, courteous?
  • Is privacy respected such as in a hospital – knocking before entering, curtains drawn?
  • Are the nurses, aides and therapists hired by the facility, or contracted out?
  • Do the residents look and smell clean?
  • Do the residents appear content and comfortable?
  • Is staff all around assisting and caring for residents continuously?
  • How many residents per room?
  • Is there proper room to maneuver safely?
  • Do the rooms have windows?
  • Are the windows latched properly?
  • Are the call bells easily accessible?
  • Does staff answer calls quickly?
  • Can the individual bring their own furniture?
  • Can rooms be personalized?

  • Are the rooms and halls easy and safe to walk/maneuver around?
  • Is there an easy, quick emergency plan for evacuation?
  • Are there handrails in the bathrooms and hallways?
  • Are there locations for residents to sit with family members outside the room?
  • How often are the rooms cleaned?
  • How many people share a bathroom?
  • How often are the toilets cleaned?
  • Are there emergency call bells in the bathrooms?
  • How frequently are residents bathed or allowed showers?

  • Are dieticians available to properly plan nutritious meals?
  • Are the meals tasty?
  • Do residents get a choice of meals?
  • Is there a social/activity director there?
  • How often is a social/activity director there?
  • Are activities provided for birthdays and holidays?